Posted: May 12, 2010 in Politics

From the adjacent cluster, people also line up to vote but they are relatively more efficient.

May 10, 2010. You can feel the excitement in the atmosphere and you know that this day is not your another ordinary day.

This is my first time to vote and it is also the country’s first time to have the fully-automated elections. I am excited for two reasons: first, the fact that I am a first-time voter and I will participate in automated elections and second, I want to see the PCOS machine. (Well, just a side story, the PCOS machine and its screen is smaller than I expected.) Besides, it is my fundamental right to vote and responsibility for the country. Now I understand, why long before then, when the elections were still manual, people were wiling to line up and waited for a very long time just to have their right point finger tainted with an annoying blue-ish to black ink.

I am registered in Barangay Silangan, San Mateo, Province of Rizal. I wake up early and go to the precinct with my parents. As expected, many people assigned in different clusters form long lines and wait for their turns. My dad and I have the same cluster except my mom. Our cluster is composed of transferees, first-time and newly-registered voters. It is the longest line that crosses the whole basketball court and curves to the court-side, the promise of faster voting procedure due to automation remains a dream.

Immediately after voting, I took a photo of my finger with an indelible ink.

Under the heat of the sun, with only one umbrella, we line up for six (6) hours from 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon. The PCOS machine in our cluster overheats twice. The other clusters are relatively fast. My mom lines up in a wrong cluster and lines up again in another one but finishes voting after two (2) hours. Reading the Facebook posts and texts messages of my friends, I envy them that they are able to vote faster. A friend calls his cluster an “express lane” and he is able to vote after 5 minutes.

I still wonder what happened in our cluster but assessing my experience, though tired, stressed and I have sunburns, imagine, because of lining up to vote, everything is still worth the wait. It is another first time in my life. Due to automation, partial counts come up very fast and this election shows a higher level of confidence and trust with the results’ credibility. Majority of Presidential and Vice-presidential aspirants have already conceded. Moving on from election scenarios, we should remain vigilant and at the same time hopeful that the almost-winning Noynoy Aquino (though not my bet!) will remain with his promises that he will lead the nation to the straight path to progress and that he will never steal form public fund.


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