Posted: June 22, 2010 in Ramdom thoughts

I have yet another first time in my life and that is being a resident dormer in UP. It was my first night to sleep inside my room and I slept soundly. I love the thought of being independent; I did this before but a part of me says this independence entails alot of things. This means I have to wash my clothes or bring it t the laundry shop myself, clean my area, be in good terms with my room mate/s, budget my weeekly allowance, cook or buy foods for myself and the list goes on…

It’s just my first week and many things will unfold as the days progress, like missing my little cousins at home, missing mommy’s adobo and missing daddy’s jokes. But I believe, this blooming dorm life is just a part of a bigger plan of fate to me. This is the training-ground. I can’t be dependent to my parents for all my life. Eventually, I will have to live my life on my own. This is another first time in my life, and a make or break thing.

Taym-pers, the term I used to shout with my playmates when I was a kid. It’s meant to be time-first or break from the game. I can’t believe this grown-up boy in me still shouts it today. The shout resounds within me. There are still some things worth stopping especially if that means loving your self more. I wish I could shout taym-pers with love and the heartache it brings. I still long for commitment with someone who knows me through and through and celebrate simple things in life with me at the end of the day. I wish I could shout it, but the shout remains inside, and the game goes on.


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