Posted: June 30, 2010 in Media, Ramdom thoughts

This space could have been an entry about the new President’s Inauguration. Of course, I have my own angst about the country’s politics but as I made up my mind, I find myself still thinking about Probe, the closing of its regular show and at the same time, the official retirement of its very own CheChe Lazaro.

Probe is Probe. No other documentary shows come close. Nothing beats the pioneer. For sure, I am not the only one who’s sad in its farewell episode. When I first knew this, I wonder what will happen to the Production itself. I once asked my colleagues about this but the truth of the matter is always uncertain.

The story is familiar, because Kabataan News Network (KNN) is also closing today.

Probe, with its Foundation (PMFI) taught me a lot through the years. I have been a youth reporter of KNN since 2005. I was even promoted as Assistant Bureau Manager (BM) in 2008 then another level up, as Bureau Manager in 2009 up to the present. KNN life is rich in experience and definitely an unforgettable one. This taught me how to be a professional broadcaster in an early age. This has been my strict training ground where BMs back then will not tolerate mediocrity, my claim-to-fame and bragging trophy to my family, classmates and friends, my happy place not because meals are free and transportation expenses are reimbursed but because real friends and mentors are here.

Joseph reporting in the middle of the ricefield under the sun's heat.

KNN gave me unique experiences like immersing in a peasant community to capture their stories (see Gapos sa Gapas (2009) at, probing about street foods (see Tuhog (2007) or discovering child labor in my community in Marikina (see Sidecar (2008) and many more video stories that I was once a production assistant, cameraperson or writer.

Joseph during his stand-upper about the Reproductive Health bill

I just responded to a text message of a schoolmate asking if the closing is true. It is sad that these uncompromising productions will close soon but one thing is for sure, they will remain as inspiration for aspiring media practitioners in the future.

Indeed, no goodbyes for Probe and KNN, because I know we will kick back higher and stronger. Good vibes, good times!


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