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Posted: July 17, 2010 in School

I got no balls of sports. I am not a sporty person. My Dad always compels me to be so but I can’t simply do it. But now that I am torn between a PR (Public Relations) class tasks and to maximize this one-time-big-time UAAP Media ID Pass, I am now forced to sit in the courtside, right beside the announcer and watch the schools cheer for their teams. As loud cheers of “shoot or get that ball” resonate, my mind shoots its own balls too.

My PR class task is to check and assist the media covering the event, get half-time statistics and bring these to the media room. After the game, I also have to invite the winning coach and highest pointer player to the press room for post-game interviews.

Yes, it’s fun but it really takes a lot of PR skills. It’s a starstruck feeling to get near to players you just once saw in a giant ad poster or television. You have to deal with stubborn and rude media people—of course, with a smile no matter how fake it is. The first set is between AdU and ADMU, while the second match is NU versus DLSU. I really don’t care which team wins in either of the two games because it does not make any relevance to me.

There are boring times when I just stare randomly to the score board and wait the digits change, or as the Madness of Crowd Theory say, amidst the crowd, wether you like it or not, you will find yourself conforming to the majority of actions, so I clap, or stand, or something like that. It’s weird right? Surprising things come along the way too, like the What? NU’s Embe is just 18 years old and he’s already 6 feet and 1 inch tall? or Gosh, ADMU’s Salva sits next to me and he smells good. (HAHA!) But as the title of Brother’s Grimm’s fairytale suggest, all is well that ends well. The sweetest thing happened at the end of the UAAP game that day, and the rest is mine to keep.

Now there is one good reason to come back and see another UAAP game, then an inevitable smile lit on my face.



Posted: July 13, 2010 in Ramdom thoughts, School


1. It rains.

2. I have no umbrella.

3. I am alone in the CMC lobby.

It’s like a de ja vu and beyond this, a routine.

Living in the Centennial Dorm is a comfy thing. Now, I don’t need to chase with traffic jams along Cubao-Aurora or catch the last terminal trip going home. I don’t regularly hear my parents’ endless reminders and pre-judgments. But somehow, I miss them. I am not really into living alone. As the only child of the family, I was really sheltered and pampered. Though I’m always nostalgic about my childhood, I completely know the fact that I am a grown-up now. I need to bear this. Today, there’s no Daddy to fetch and bring me home and no Mommy to cook a priceless supper.

This “mechanical” UP life kills me softly and the only clinging reason why I am still doing this is for the love of knowledge and the thought that I have a lot to reciprocate to. Maybe someday, all these confusions, grudges, frustrations and fear will come to clarity and fruition so I should not falter.

The rain will end tonight and I will eventually get “home” but these feelings will remain. Yes, I blog a alot about the rain but nothing can replace the feeling of dancing under the rain.

It’s euphoric and sensational, and the tears? Nobody can see.


Posted: July 7, 2010 in School

Wasting time and typing random theories in Google, I feel a sudden sadness.

I enjoyed the afternoon rain today and sitting alone here in the CMC (UP-College of Mass Communication) lobby is a kind of relief from a very stressful day. It is really a good feeling that no one bothers you and you can actually arrange your notes and organize your thoughts. something I cannot do in noisy and crowded places. When I was a kid, I used to look for hidden places at home and make my mom worried before I come out. I am still the same boy who enjoys solitary moments with my electronic gadgets. This is the down side of being the only child, the feeling of being disconnected to the world yet it still feels right. But as I grow up, a part of me longs for friendship and companionship. Gone are the days when after waking up from afternoon nap, I will get my scissors and papers and spend the entire night in my bed alone, ’til I sleep again. A part of me now wants to be surrounded by friends.

This is the reason why I’m sad tonight. I miss the old times when my friends and I used to sit here with less school stuff to worry about. Now that we are pre-occupied with internships and theses, we rarely see each other and celebrate school love here. Without them beside  me, I now realized how important they are. That’s why I don’t miss chances everytime we meet or they are free from any commitments. We really go out and eat a lot.

Now, Lau and Roan went out from their classroom and invited me to join them in KFC TechnoHub, I have to stop this and post immediately because I can’t miss this chance.

I am broke and tired but this is a good time, so let it roll.