Posted: July 13, 2010 in Ramdom thoughts, School


1. It rains.

2. I have no umbrella.

3. I am alone in the CMC lobby.

It’s like a de ja vu and beyond this, a routine.

Living in the Centennial Dorm is a comfy thing. Now, I don’t need to chase with traffic jams along Cubao-Aurora or catch the last terminal trip going home. I don’t regularly hear my parents’ endless reminders and pre-judgments. But somehow, I miss them. I am not really into living alone. As the only child of the family, I was really sheltered and pampered. Though I’m always nostalgic about my childhood, I completely know the fact that I am a grown-up now. I need to bear this. Today, there’s no Daddy to fetch and bring me home and no Mommy to cook a priceless supper.

This “mechanical” UP life kills me softly and the only clinging reason why I am still doing this is for the love of knowledge and the thought that I have a lot to reciprocate to. Maybe someday, all these confusions, grudges, frustrations and fear will come to clarity and fruition so I should not falter.

The rain will end tonight and I will eventually get “home” but these feelings will remain. Yes, I blog a alot about the rain but nothing can replace the feeling of dancing under the rain.

It’s euphoric and sensational, and the tears? Nobody can see.

  1. barrycyrus says:

    so may wordpress ka rin pala? welcome! 🙂

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