APRIL 24, 2011*

Posted: August 5, 2010 in School

In the coming months, I can imagine a “plants vs. zombies” scenario in UP. As the sunflowers bloom in the heat of the summer, zombies will also be coming to school, staying up late in McDonalds Katipunan or Burger King Welcome Rotonda for wi-fi and late-night meetings, and running back and forth in search of their advisers. Sunflowers along the University Avenue tell the zombies– the graduates that sooner or later it will also be the Annual Commencement Exercises of the academe.

I am one of the candidates in the coming graduation. As of now, things are doing well; I have a good thesis topic and the best thesis adviser. But these good things can only do so much. I know I have to shake my ass and release millions of neurons to make things happen as they must. I know more tedious time will come, that I will wish that Jimmy Neutron is my brother so I can ask for his help or Doraemon is my friend so he can lend me his gadgets or I might kick a prick along Sunken Garden and the genie will come out to grant me three wishes. I always tell my friends that I don’t want to graduate yet but I realized that there are really no graduations and the final examinations are continuous because we still learn everyday even after the college years. I look forward to that fateful day of April 24, 2011, the UP-CMC Commencement Exercises*, that after which I will enrol in a Master’s program either in Anthropology or International Studies.

I am optimistic and determined. I am still young and I have a lot more plans to achieve. I just want to make one step at a time.

For now, to graduate next year is a sweet relief and there is no reason not to…


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