Posted: September 1, 2010 in School

If I am an orange and my owner wants to get  juice out of me, he/she will throw me big time. This is another “thesis moment” where I am lost in theory and practice. I invited my friends to spend overnight with me in Burger King Timog Ave. with a rationale that when I am with friends and away from my bed, I could be more productive, but obviously, the reverse happens. I just stare at the blank Word file and an empty outline for hours, not to mention that this draft is due tomorrow (Friday).

I got a quarter pounder, a cup of cappuccino, Whooper meal, Sting, and I know what, where and how to start but still I feel weak and uninspired to write. This disgusting feeling has been hounding me for weeks now and I can’t still find the right remedy to this. It seems like the world around me is so noisy and mean that the best thing that I can do is to look at them and be silent, at least to negotiate and compensate with my own personal burdens. This blurring of the self makes my being asunder. It goes inside my bones and I can feel the excruciating pain, only to realize that the cause and effect of this is inflicted by no other than myself.

I always have issues in having a thesis partner but along the way, I learned to love doing the research individually but now I understand what it feels like to have a thesis partner. In this cold and stubborn night, you will be loved and understood. Things indeed are really meant to be shared. Or at the very least, I don’t need to rant randomly in my journal and spend a night without doing anything productive.

May his thesis proposal rest in peace (on Friday).

  1. Rowi :) says:

    “In this cold and stubborn night, you will be loved and understood.”
    hayy THESIS! 😐

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