Posted: September 16, 2010 in Ramdom thoughts

September 15, 2010

Mommy: Dad, may sakit ‘yung bata. May lagnat.

Daddy: Sige, ‘wag mo na muna papasukin.

No, this isn’t a retro talk. Mom just called Dad early today. I was not able to go to all my classes today because I have a fever. I am always a sick kid, yes; my parents still call me “bata” or kid. Mom serves me all the food I want and all I can do is lie in my bed and stare at the ceilings. It is my first time to see that my room ceiling is not really white but mocha white and the intersecting lines of dark brown is not plain 2-D but has carvings like those of old pillars of Rome. I hardly pay attention to such small details in ordinary days because whenever I go to bed, it is either my eyes are already closed or I am too pre-occupied.

I open all my windows; get a chair and sit on it. I see now our veranda and the street. The sunlight kisses my skin for the first time today. I missed it. It reminds me that it is beautiful to be alive and I missed this kind of detachment to everything. But the sky starts to darken and the thunders roar. The breeze is chilling and droplets of rain start to fall from the heaven so I close all the windows again. Back in my bed, beyond my new discoveries about my room ceiling, I now see things differently. I miss schooling and the usually busy day in school but I miss the silence more, away from everyone. I know this is not everyday so I have to enjoy this day.

Before, I hate staying at home especially when Dad is around but things work together for the good and now, as I grow up, amidst all the problems, frustrations and limitations that our family is facing now, I love my Mom and Dad. They are the best few things I have in this world.

Yes, the very thought of singleness is lonely and frightening but I do not need to beg for others’ love because I am full of it since the day that I was born.

In the world that is full of disenchantments, love is perennial as the grass as the poem Desiderata says. So I will not give up this rare possession I have, and I am glad to spread it to everyone.

Celebrate life!


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