Posted: October 28, 2010 in Politics

I don’t really wanna do it but I was forced to do so, good thing it was just fast and it led to some funny moments along the way.

My second time to vote, this time in a barangay election was relatively easier and peaceful, ironic since this election did not promise PCOS machines to save the day. I felt guilty and a bit ashamed because I am familiar (and a critic actually) of national politics and its characters but I don’t even know even a single local politician in my area. I made this as a lame excuse to my Daddy for not having any plans to vote but this crappy excuse was answered as he hand me a list of who to vote since my Daddy is one of the campaign managers of a local party. As I open the paper, yes, it was a “vote-straight” thing and all I know that day was I would vote strangers and I was a zombie voter. Yes, I was and still am guilty about it.

My first time to vote was last May 2010 National and Presidential Elections (see related post) and it was six loooong hours under the sun’s heat but this October 2010 elections was only an amazing-record-breaking five minutes and the ugly ink was in my fingers. The threat of cheating, however, is more probable since I was not even asked for an ID before voting so I assume that if I pretend to vote again using another’s name, I could.

"inked" finger after voting

Moving on, I have three things in mind, first, to know the local politics and the newly-elected Barangay officials because for sure, alot if not all will still run in the coming elections. Second is to immediately erase the indelible ink in my right point finger (because last May, it took a month before the ink naturally vanished) and third, nothing much, I just look forward to a happy and cold Christmas season (Haha! Connect?)

Yehey! Sorry, excited. 🙂


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