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Posted: December 29, 2010 in Media, Ramdom thoughts

Amidst this busy day in the newsroom, and under the pouring rain while shooting a spiel in EDSA, I suddenly miss my Kabataan News Network (KNN Manila) family.

I miss my partner (in crime!) Nicai de Guzman, and our sometimes-funny-most-of-the-time-naughty stories.

Nicai and I during our hosting stint in SM-UNICEF's Drink for Two. (May 2008)

I miss Danz Maderazo and his light resemblance, and his infamous talent to mimic Jessica Soho.

Danz and I in one of our snack times as KNN reporters. (May 2008)

I miss Angelo Supe and his poker face, and his eloquent lines that make the entire group ROFL.

Angelo and I during our "tambay" in Probe Productions. (June 2008)

I miss Hanna Jaber and her motherly nature, and her random lost moments that are effortlessly funny.

Hanna and I during a KNN workshop in Astoria Plaza (February 2009)

They are my closest (COF!), but of course, I also miss other reporters and our bosses as well. (Hi Ate Ros, Ate Yas and Tita Nancy!)

KNN, as I’ve said many times way back, contributed alot to my growth as a youth and student, and in my pursuit in life.

I always wish for more good times with KNN…

Interviews for Population and Development story and I during our visit in Rodriguez Landfill. (July 2009)

I know there is  always one. Me excited.


Location: UP College of Mass Communicatio parking lot (commonly known as Batibot)

Date: December 10, 2010

Photographer and editor: Jen Iligan (I love you! :D)

This is my personal favorite.

An attempt to shoot a bench-like brand LOL

What is candid.

To the left, to the left, says Jen I.

Another candid


Wit. Wititit. LOL

Jen Tarnate and her lookbook story. HAHA






To life!

We had a very fun day. Here’s the real story behind the title. “Fine” is Glenn Pamatmat (who for some reason didn’t appear in the edited material), “Fresh” is me, isn’t is redundant? Haha! And “Fierce” is Jen Tarnate. Maybe she had already uploaded these photos in here lookbook or used for her thesis. LOL

Happy holidays everyone! Stay in love! 🙂