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Location: UP College of Mass Communicatio parking lot (commonly known as Batibot)

Date: December 10, 2010

Photographer and editor: Jen Iligan (I love you! :D)

This is my personal favorite.

An attempt to shoot a bench-like brand LOL

What is candid.

To the left, to the left, says Jen I.

Another candid


Wit. Wititit. LOL

Jen Tarnate and her lookbook story. HAHA






To life!

We had a very fun day. Here’s the real story behind the title. “Fine” is Glenn Pamatmat (who for some reason didn’t appear in the edited material), “Fresh” is me, isn’t is redundant? Haha! And “Fierce” is Jen Tarnate. Maybe she had already uploaded these photos in here lookbook or used for her thesis. LOL

Happy holidays everyone! Stay in love! 🙂



Posted: May 7, 2010 in Social Life

Ate Ros and I buying in Mini-Stop Maginhawa

People become excited when they hear someone’s going to get married. First, because, it ideally comes once in a lifetime and not all are able to experience it. Of course, living with your better half for the rest of  your life is an entirely different thing. I am not so excited with wedding stories and announcements but to be a part of it makes me one.

I can boast the fact that when our family was converted in a non-Catholic fellowship, my parents re-wed and I was the Bible reading. I was in High School then. How cool was that?

Ate Ros Padua, the girl beside me in the photo, my friend and mentor in Kabataan News Network (KNN) will be married this year and I was chosen to be a candle sponsor together with Hanna Jaber, my co-reporter in KNN. Indeed, i feel very much privileged and yes, I am excited again.

The next interesting part before the ceremony itself may be choosing people you would want to be a part of the program, and a part of it is the manner or strategy of getting their sweet “yes” to you. My friends know I am very emotional so when they have to say something, they would do it in ways that appeal to my emotion. Ate Ros and Hanna opted to do otherwise. Ate Ros in one random moment asked me if I want a “raket” and of course, I made an immediate-let’s-do-it-when-where -how manner. After which, we decided to go to UP for isaw. Partly, there is a real “raket” but it’s not so biggie and I didn’t know that it’s just a ploy for Ate Ros to find a way (in connivance with Hanna) to ask me if I want to be a part of her entourage. While in the middle of eating and conversation, Ate Ros gave me a matchbox in pink covering, certainly it is not another matchbox brand so since it was dark, I went near the light to read what’s written in it. It was Ate Ros’ message asking me to be a candle sponsor for her wedding. I did the usual template of saying “Awww, that’s so sweet of you” but I know within that it’s not the way I want things to be done. While going home, we still laugh about it but I suggested a better way of asking me, the one they thought I would not like. Give me a sweet little card with a note in it: “Dear Joseph, I love you. That’s why I chose you to be a part of my entourage.” and my statement just doubled the fun.

I love my KNN Probe Foundation family. It’s always fun when they are around. And I am still excited for the wedding.

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