Posted: November 23, 2010 in Ramdom thoughts

(Originally posted in my disputed Multiply account. There are changes for clarity and brevity.)

May 17, ’08 2:42 AM

It’s been a week of deadly rains during noontimes and it’s a nuisance for almost everyone. I heard a weather forecaster discussed about the strange weather we are experiencing right now– a “sandwich typhoon” or whatever you wanna call it.

Many complain how rain makes the road muddy and how it disrupts our daily activities. But despite of those, I love the rain. It’s like a break for very humid days we have, also a moment for plants and trees to relax. It’s somehow a reminder for me to slow down and listen to the sound of raindrops that falls on the rooftop. It allows me to draw my name and dreams in the windowpane of the car and sketch my future paths on it. It gives me a soothing relief away from this fast-phased world.

When it rains, I take time to watch the children chasing the flowing waters and the oldies sip their coffee in their terraces. It makes me feel the simplicity and stillness of life. It teaches me to love the things around me. In the Bible, rain is a symbol of abundance and mercy from God. That’s why I love rain, it gives me a promise that after the pouring, there’s a clearer sky above.

I’ll get by.

No photoshop used! Taken in 2007 during a beach trip in Lingayen, Pangasinan


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